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1. How does Peachy and Banana ensure product safety and quality?
All of our products are made from high-quality materials and go through strict quality control measures. We only source products from trusted and reputable manufacturers, and all products are body safe and thoroughly tested to ensure they meet our standards.

2. Who are we?
Peachy and Banana is a Puerto Rican company founded by a husband and wife team to promote inclusivity and normalize sexuality. We collaborate with professionals, influencers and our community to facilitate access to sexual education and toys, as we believe that intimate wellness is an important part of overall health. We strive to eliminate taboos and create a platform where everyone can feel free and confident about their bodies and needs.

3. What are some best-selling products at Peachy and Banana?
Our best-selling products include our vibrators, masturbators, lingerie and lubricants. We also have a wide range of sex toys and accessories that are popular with our customers.

4. Can you recommend a product for me based on my preferences?
Yes! Our customer service team is happy to help you find the perfect product based on your preferences. Just reach out to us and we'll be happy to assist you. Our email is: peachyandbananainfo@gmail.com.

5. Can you recommend some Peachy and Banana products for first-time buyers?
For first-time buyers, we recommend starting with our basic vibrators or beginner-friendly sex toys. We also have a range of lubricants and massage oils that are perfect for those new to sexual wellness products.

6. How can Peachy and Banana products enhance intimacy in relationships?
Using our products can help couples explore their sexuality, increase intimacy, and improve communication. Our products can help enhance sensations and lead to more pleasurable experiences and therefore: new memories.

7. How does Peachy and Banana ensure customer privacy and discretion?
Yes, absolutely! We take the privacy and security of our customers very seriously. All transactions on our website are encrypted and we do not share any personal information with third parties. You can shop with confidence at Peachy and Banana.

8. Are your packages discreet?
All of your items will be delivered in a white or brown package with no description of what’s inside, so don’t worry that anyone will find out. "PB Company" will be the shipper's name in the package.
Also, our name will not appear on your credit card statement, on your card, you will only see "PB Company"

How you will receive your package

9. Can you provide tips for safe and pleasurable anal sex?
Yes, we recommend using plenty of lubricant and taking things slow. It's also important to communicate with your partner about the boundaries, and make sure you're both comfortable before proceeding.
Anal: https://peachyandbanana.com/collections/anal 

10. What are the best positions for couples looking to spice up their sex life?
This is largely dependent on personal preference, but some popular positions for spicing up your sex life include doggy style, the reverse cowgirl, and the lotus position.

11. What are some fun and creative ways to use sex toys during solo play?
Experimentation is key! Try out different toys, positions, and sensations to find what works for you. You can also try incorporating sex toys into your fantasies and roleplay. Masturbation is the best way to know your body.

12. What are the most popular sex toys for couples?
Some of the most popular sex toys for couples include vibrators, couples' rings, and strap-ons.
Couple: https://peachyandbanana.com/collections/couple  
Strap ons: https://peachyandbanana.com/collections/strap-ons 

13. Can you suggest some romantic gifts?
Sure! Some romantic gift ideas include massage oils, candles, lingerie and sex games.

14. How can I improve my sexual confidence?
Improving your sexual confidence takes time and practice. Start by exploring your own body and getting to know what you like. You can also try communicating with your partner and experimenting with new positions, sensations, toys and sexual enhancers.
Get ready with our Prep for Sex Category: https://peachyandbanana.com/collections/prep-for-sex

15. What are the best ways to communicate with my partner about our sexual desires?
Communication is key! Make sure to have open and honest conversations with your partner about your desires, needs and boundaries. It's also important to listen to your partner and make sure you're both comfortable and consenting. Consent is always the key so that any activity can be stopped whenever one partner is uncomfortable.

16. Can you recommend some lubricants for sensitive skin?
Yes, we offer a range of lubricants that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin.
Pjur Woman Nude: https://peachyandbanana.com/products/pjur-woman-nude-3-4-fl-oz-100ml

17. What is normal sexual behavior?
Sexual behavior is personal and varies from person to person. As long as it is consensual and legal, there is no one right way to express your sexuality.

18. How can I explore my sexuality in a healthy and safe way?
Explore your sexuality on your own terms, prioritize your safety and comfort, and seek out resources and information to educate yourself.

19. Is it normal to have sexual fantasies?
Yes, it is normal and healthy to have sexual fantasies. As long as they are consensual and legal, there is nothing wrong with exploring them.

20. When will I receive my package from Peachy and Banana?
Generally, orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Delivery times may vary depending on your location, but you can track your package using the tracking number provided in your order confirmation email. Orders to Puerto Rico and USA are shipped from our warehouse in mainland USA, and arrive approximately within a week. If you have any concerns about the status of your order, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

21. How can I contact you?
We are available to chat if your write to our email peachyandbananainfo@gmail.com or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/peachyandbanana.shop/


Convenient for use with strong multi-frequency rotation mode. The masturbator cup looks like a mouth who could fully swallow you and performs oral sex like it is sucked into a tornado!


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Convenient for use with strong multi-frequency rotation mode. The masturbator cup looks like the mouth of a woman who could fully swallow your tail and performs oral sex like it is sucked into a tornado!



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Product Features

Revolutionary Design

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Safe Materials

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The Male Rose is designed to provide the ultimate masturbation experience.

With its state-of-the-art technology, the Male Rose guarantees intense pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it reusable and rechargeable?

Of course, recharge and reuse as many times as you want.

Can I use it with one hand?

The intuitive and ergonomic design ensures that our Male Rose is easy to use with just one hand. You can even adjust the pressure to suit your own preferences.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, cleaning the Male Rose is very easy. Simply rinse it with water and soap and it's ready to use again.

Is it safe?

Our high-quality silicone is safe for your skin and easy to clean. Simply rinse with water and soap and you're done.

How discreet is the packaging?

We understand that discretion is important. And that is why the Male Rose will be delivered in a very discreet white or brown package with no description of what’s inside, so don’t worry that anyone will find out.

"PB Company" will be the shipper's name in the package.
Also, on your credit card statement, you will only see "PB Company".

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