Guide to Sex Toys

Guide to Sex Toys

Peachy and Bananas Guide to Sex Toys:

All the toys sold on Peachy and Banana are carefully selected and body safe, following USA standards of quality and safety.

Each body is unique, and it fits different forms, materials and sizes, so please carefully read the descriptions and specifications of each product to make sure that you are ordering what is best for you.

Penetration and other popular sex practices are not required for experiencing pleasure. Considering everyone is special and unique we offer a wide variety of products to ensure that anyone can love themselves and feel loved. Massaging, Humping toys, masturbators and external vibrators are popular among people who aren’t interested in penetration.

Here is our quick Guide to Sex Toys:

Bullets: Small size portable vibrator.

Rabbits: Insert the shaft and enjoy outside stimulation of the clitoris with the “rabbit ears”.

Strokers and Masturbators: Insert your cock for masturbation, some are manual, others are automatic and gives you an effortless masturbation. Comes in the form of a vagina, an anus, a mouth or gender less.

Strap-ons: Strap on your dildo on a harness to play with a partner or with a doll.

Tongues: Simulates tongue licking. Enjoy in nipples, neck, clitoris, vulva, penis, anus, and anywhere you like.

Wand vibrator: Mostly used for outside play.

Glass wands: Rigid glass wands can be inserted or used for massage. Use the wand warm or cold to enhance sensation (Temperature Play).

Butt Plugs: Insert in butt and leave it there for enhanced sensation during play. Some vibrate and others don’t.

Anal Beads: Insert in butt and play with the sensation of the beads. Some also vibrate.

Kegels: Exercise your vaginal muscles by inserting different weighted Kegels.

Massagers: Massage any body, ideal for foreplay or relaxing.

Suction toys: Experiment suction with or without a partner.

Bondage Tapes: Use alone or with a partner. Remember to bring scissors.

Thrusters: Insert in any hole for an automatic penetration experience.

Cock Rings: Delays ejaculation. Some come with a vibrator to stimulate the user or its partner.

Dilators: Gradual dilation may restore and revive vaginal or anal strength and comfort. Ergonomically curved for ease of use.

Prostate/ P-Spot: Specifically designed to stimulate the Prostate during anal play. Can also be inserted in any hole.

G-Spot: Specifically designed to stimulate the G-Spot in Vagina. Some people also use it to stimulate the prostate.

Want to know more? Contact us, we’ll give you a free consultation.

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